Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 2, 2018

Commemorating the biggest moments in sports history is attorney Glen Rothstein’s passion project.

When someone is asked to think of their favorite sports moment of all time, Glen Rothstein said there’s a good chance their first reaction will be a smile. He’s banking on that positive association through his T-shirt company, “Where Were You When?” The company’s presentation is simple. His T-shirts typically feature an important date in sports history, plus a tagline to identify the event. One of his best sellers, for example, is a T-shirt that commemorates the day the U.S. Supreme Court granted Muhammad Ali’s appeal of his conviction for refusing to participate in the Vietnam War, paving the way for his return to the boxing ring. On the shirt is the date of the Supreme Court decision — June 28, 1971 — and the case citation. “I really wanted to make something that wasn’t just cool looking — which it is — but something that creates a conversation,” said Rothstein, an attorney at Rothstein Law PLC in Santa Monica. “You see that Ali shirt, and it creates a discussion. People want to talk about that moment.”

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Daily Journal Staff Writer
Steven Crighton

Glen Rothstein, an attorney at Rothstein Law PLC in Santa Monica, has created a T-shirt company featuring memorable sports moments.