Serendipity, family and love.

Where Were You When…? was philosophically conceived, corporately formed, conducts daily business operations and produces products for our consumers to purchase and enjoy based upon these three simple yet uncompromising personal values and fundamental business and life tenets.

About Us

Glen A. Rothstein

Glen A. Rothstein

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Glen is the original creative inspiration behind, the spiritual visionary of the Where Were You When…? concept, brand, mark and logo and facilitated the birth and formal corporate formation of the Where Were You When…? brand and licensing company. Glen is also the founder, CEO and a producer with 4.8 Productions, and is the sole creator and author of the original work Where Were You When…?:  An Original Sports Documentary/Television Interview Series.

Glen is a nationally recognized and respected entertainment and sports law attorney and Founder & Chairman of Rothstein Law APC. His name, face and voice regularly appears in print, television and radio, and he is oft-quoted in high profile entertainment industry publications such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Yahoo! Entertainment, and The Wrap. Glen is equally respected for his generosity by clients and non-clients alike, including his past service for The Artists & Athletes Alliance, a not-for-profit organization at the nexus of Washington D.C. and Hollywood that promotes engagement in productive dialogue by providing a national platform for the voices of the entertainment and sports community to be meaningfully heard thereby facilitating impactful and lasting social change.